What’s in your stash?

Great question! I’m new to this and am super excited to build a stash that works for my baby. These are the orders I’ve placed so far so this is where we’re starting out. My baby isn’t here yet so the jury is still out on how well these will work. But I couldn’t pass up these prints! If they don’t work, I figure I can always sell them.

I’ve included links to all the diapers in the chart below. Some retailers reuse listings for new diapers or disable older links, so the further today is from the original order date the more likely you could potentially run into a link that’s dead or that references information different from what’s listed. Prints tend to go quickly in the cloth diaper world so just a heads up!

Alright, wish me luck!

#ItemDiaper TypeSizePriceOrder DateShellLiningGussetRetailer

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