What do I do with dirty diapers while I’m out of the house?

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Great question! This is an aspect that concerns a lot of folks when it comes to cloth diapering. But no need to fret! There are a couple of options here you have to choose from when cloth diapering away from home.

The Options #

A Wet Bag – If you’ve researched cloth diapering you may already know that at home, lots of parents use a wet bag to store dirty diapers until laundry day. A wet bag is a waterproof bag that’s designed to keep the dampness and smell of dirty diapers contained inside the bag itself. It can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with a diaper pale. By the same token you you can just grab a wet bag to keep in your diaper bag when you’re on the go. Once you’re home just toss the dirty diapers in you wet bag at home and go on about your day!

A Hybrid Diaper with Biodegradable Disposable Inserts – Hybrid diapers consist of a disposable absorbent inner and a waterproof outer. This is slowly becoming an options I’m starting to see more and more brands venture into: a disposable liner. Now, if you got into cloth diapers to be environmentally conscious, you may have seen the word disposable just now and recoiled a little bit. I get it! But hear me out. There are brands that make disposable liners that are also biodegradable! That means that instead these liners of spending hundreds of years in a landfill they will decompose relatively quickly causing a less harmful impact to the environment than your run of the mill disposable diapers.

These biodegradable inserts sit inside of your baby’s cloth diaper and can then be thrown away once soiled. They’re great for cloth diapering on the go, for sending to daycare with baby, for when baby is in the care of someone less familiar with cloth diapering like a babysitter or other family member, when you’re on vacation and don’t have regular access to a washer and dryer and can also make for quick changes at home when life gets a little crazy. It’s a super flexible option that can supplement your cloth diapering experience when needed.

Using Disposables – Now as much as we love cloth diapering here at HQ, we understand that it just may not suit everyone’s needs all the time.

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